• When did you start writing?
    • I’ve always had elaborate stories in my head. From an early age, I enthralled my friends with my daydreams of our favorite bands, or the latest hot actor that everyone was swooning over. I just never committed them to paper until now.
  • How long did it take to write Ultimate Betrayal: Revelations?
    • From the earliest version, over eighteen months. The story has gone through several edits, but the characters have remained the same.
  • Who are your literary heros/heroines?
    • So many, but Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Poe, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Maya Angelou. My first introduction to classic literature was in Junior High School. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful English teacher who managed to get a bunch of rowdy inner city kids interested in Shakespeare. Thank you, Mr. Feimer.
  • Are the characters in the book based on yourself or friends?
    • I think most writers inject tiny bits of their own personality into their characters. Most of the time we don’t realize we’re doing it. But yes, Veronica Harper is based in a small part on myself, and some family members. The character Erik Sinclair was initially based on Charlie Hunnam.
  • What is your writing process?
    • First, I need a quiet space. Too much noise or commotion tends to break my concentration. Sometimes I listen to music, but it’s songs I know well. I typically start off with something that came to me in a dream, and weave things into it such as current events, personality traits of people I know, and locations that I’ve visited. I take the technical details seriously, I’ll spend a lot of time researching facts and procedures.
  • Did you hire an editor? 
    • Yes, I eventually caved in and hired an editor. I successfully managed to edit the book down from a whopping 145,000 words to 125,000 but it was brutal. You have to switch out of ‘writing’ mode, and be cold blooded. Really ask yourself, does this paragraph/chapter really move the story along? If it doesn’t, set it aside.
    • Once I was done ‘culling’ the story, I hired an editor. I’m fairly educated but I still end up with things like squinting modifiers and dangling participles. I need a trained eye to fix those.
  • How did you get your book published?
    • I self-published through Amazon, Smashwords and Google books. Anyone can do it. If you have a manuscript, find beta readers. Take their critiques seriously. Then edit, edit, edit. Find an editor if you can’t do it yourself. Then publish it! It’s not that difficult.

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